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Top 5 Ways to Convert Leads into Sales

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Top 5 Ways to Convert Leads Into Sales


If you could convert your leads into sales, would it make a difference in your business?

Leads are everywhere, the problem is in converting them to sales.

Too many people think that if they get the right script or learn how to play with people’s minds, they can just wave a magic wand and turn their leads into sales.

But there’s this thing called “ATTRACTION MARKETING”. The idea is to get people to come to you so you don’t need any tricks or scripts or voodoo.

What are the main components you need to set up an attraction marketing system?

Here’s what Mark Harbert says you need:

  1. A Personal Blog
    1. Your blog is your home. It’s where you invite people to visit.convert leads into sales
    2. It creates your personal brand, what people think of when they think of you.
    3. Here’s what you need on your blog:
  2. Create VALUE-DRIVEN content.
    1. It creates rapport with your audience.
    2. They will come back for more value.
  3. Create VALUE-DRIVEN emails.
    1. Emails shouldn’t be a bunch of sales pitches.
    2. Email content should be something your audience wants to hear about.
  4. Special offers and One-on-One time
    1. You will have fans that stick to you if they feel you have made a personal connection with some private coaching and conversation.
    2. A special offer makes them feel you care about them.
  5. Do regular webinars.
    1. People love information. A webinar can provide information and a way to connect with your leads on a more personal basis. They can hear your voice and see your face.
    2. A personal connection is crucial to your ability to make sales.

I’ve really enjoyed many of the courses that Mark Harbert offers. I highly recommend them.

If you want more of Mark’s course LEAD CONVERSION MASTERY, you can get it here.








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