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Get Your Facebook Ad Account Back

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How to Get Facebook Ad Account Back

I was really freaked out!

I’d been advertising on Facebook for quite a while successfully with no problems when I got shoved into the Facebook Slammer.

I got an email telling me that my advertising account was suspended for “Facebook Advertising Policy Violations” and that it was permanent. They said I had posted a “misleading or fraudulent” ad.

“FINAL”!!! You can imagine how I felt. I was angry, surprised, distraught and disillusioned.

I was relying on Facebook ads for my online business activities. It was working. Now I was dead in the water. How could I get out of Facebook jail?

So, I started researching if there was anything I could do to get my ad account back even though they said it was permanent.

I picked some information from several sources that looked promising and I put together a plan to get my account back.

What Facebook Does

It turns out that Facebook has an automated system that looks for certain things that might violate their policies.

Facebook has hundreds of thousands of advertisers and of course it would be difficult to have all those people monitored by employees. So, they developed some automation.

If you get flagged, you can email them but you are likely to get an automated response unless you do some specific things.

If you just reply to their message, you’ll just get an automated response. No real person will see it. You can’t beg or plead with a computer.

So here’s what I did.

I went through Facebook’s Blueprint training for advertisers.

Click on the tab at the top of the page that says “eLearning”.

You’ll see a blue button that says, “Start Courses”.

Do them all. It will take you some time to do it but it will be time well spent. You are a professional and you need to know all of this.

I also paid for some Facebook Ad training. There is some free training available but you will get your money’s worth paying for training. I paid for the Facebook Advertising Mastery Course.

Facebook Advertising Mastery


I requested a MANUAL REVIEW of my account.

You Must request a manual review or you’ll just get an automated response.

I told them about my recent training showing them that I was serious about being a respectable Facebook marketer.

Facebook will see that you’ve been through their ad training. So, it’s important to do the training. They will be able to tell if you did not finish a course. This will give you credibility with Facebook.

[This training should be required before anyone advertises on Facebook. Know this information and you’ll never have trouble again.]

I told them I realized that my ad may have sounded like it violated policy but was unintended to do so and I now knew how to create an ad that would not violate their policies.


ALL your correspondence with Facebook should contain your account number and your ad account number.

You can get those numbers from a dropdown menu on your ad account page.


Above all, be respectful and humble. If you sound arrogant or use foul language, you can forget about your account. Professionals will fess up to mistakes. It was YOUR fault, own it.

So now, after 2 ½ months, my account is restored. Most of that time was study time.

I’m back in the game and can go forward with my marketing on Facebook.

I can’t guarantee that you will have the same experience but I know others have also gotten their ad accounts back doing this.

Your only other recourse is to start a new account with a different email and credit card number.

At any rate, the training Facebook provides is excellent and easy to follow. Do it to prevent future problems with your Facebook advertising.


Anita Hales





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