Angie Taggart
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Exclusive Success Interview with Angie Taggart

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Angie TaggartBorn and raised in Ketchikan Alaska, nobody expected the ordinary-looking school teacher, Angie Taggart to accomplish what few can.

Ketchikan is not known for its snow. Along the warmer coastal areas of the state, it’s in a rainforest getting 160 inches of rain a year and having a very temperate climate. So, dog sleds and mushing are not normal activites.

But after working one year for veteran musher Dee Dee Jonrowe, Angie Taggart decided it was something she just had to do. Angie Taggart

She took a leave of absence from her teaching job and began raising the enormous amount of money she would need to participate in the race. She also had to get a team of dogs and train them and herself for the grueling race.

This is her story.




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